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logo of palette app

dec 2020//

what is it?

palette. is an interactive color palette generator on the browser and a utility enhancer on the desktop

why did i make it?

as i stepped into the world of web development, i noticed that the workflow tends to make the developers browser filled with many tabs and windows opened.


a developer has many stackoverflow tabs opened on possibly multiple browser windows, workplace communication tool, spotify, and asset folders currently on his screen. suddenly the developer is asked to change the colors of a website.

gif of problem for palette project

my solution

i created a platform for users to create and save colour palettes onto a database. I used Electron API to create a desktop application where your color palette hexcodes to be just a few clicks away instead of searching through your opened windows.

next steps

i would like to expand from colour palettes to many things like functions, utility, and project boilerplates and also create a social ecosystem where teams could communicate and send different assets needed for specific projects.

tech icon of electron drawn by ryan vutech icon of react drawn by ryan vutech icon of node drawn by ryan vutech icon of mysql drawn by ryan vutech icon of firebase drawn by ryan vutech icon of p5js drawn by ryan vu
gif of electron app of palette project